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Monday, October 1, 2012

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Okay, Blogher...I accept the challenge!  NaBloPoMo October is on!  

This month is all about masks...the ones we wear every day for so many reasons. 

What I'm coming to realize is that the one I wear is for protection.  If I keep myself--my feelings, my fears, my foibles, and my failings--hidden from others, maybe they won't see or know how truly flawed I am.  

But the truth is that this keeps me separated from the people I love and need the most.  And it keeps me from being there for them just as much.  Neither of these is an acceptable outcome...neither of these is what I want.   

So today I resolve to let the mask slip a let at least one eye peek around the edges...and to look straight into the eyes of the people I love.  With their patience, acceptance, and love, maybe tomorrow I can let loose an eyebrow.  


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