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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Are you listening? Then vote!

Well...October's blogging certainly got of to an inauspicious start.  Second day in, and...nothin'

But, here I am again today.  Clean slate.  New start.  All that jazz.  

With the presidential debates tonight, and with all of the politics that have been flying of late, I find myself quite disturbed by the vitriol being spewed these days.  Whatever happened to lively debate?  

Differing opinions on important topics?  

Respectful discourse?

Instead, so many people (on both sides of the spectrum) choose to vilify, denigrate, and outright lie about their opponents.  What this means is that we spend hours...days...weeks...thinking and talking and worrying about things that either don't matter or simply are not real.  

What a waste of our time and efforts. 

Wouldn't it be nice if we could trust that those that are supposedly asking for our trust would simply tell us the truth.

About what they believe.

About what they'll try to do.

About what they stand for. 

And then we could and would make our educated and informed choices about which people and which group would represent us.  

Evidently this is too much to ask, and so the rhetoric continues.  

I know that this is not news to most people in our country, and I hazard to guess that most people in our country would prefer an intelligent discussion of the many issues that face us and our nation.   Until that happens, though (did anyone hear ice forming in Hades?) we can only do the best we can to attention...think...consider...cross our fingers....


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