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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Therapy Thursday

The day was productive, even if I was fighting either a stomachache or a headache for most of the day.  

The gardens were watered, the first squash was harvested, and the lawn was mowed.  I made it to the pharmacy AND the library (all on my bicycle), and even sorted through some boxes of school supplies.  I had a lovely salad for lunch, which was followed later by a corn dog and ice cream for dinner and, in between, I took an hour of blissful reading and meditation.  This all led into a good afternoon therapy session, and now I am home and quiet with the family...SOSA right next to me, Daughter upstairs (happily ensconced in some tv show or another), and the pug snoring quietly as she sleeps on our legs. 

Not bad for a Thursday.  

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