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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Que Sera Sera

Tomorrow I go and clean my classroom...ending an era, of sorts.   If I think about it, it becomes overwhelming, so I am doing my best to just take it one baby step at a time. 

I'm in a strange limbo...neither here nor there...still connected, but in such a different way.  I find myself wondering (mostly not worrying) about what the coming year will look like.  How will my life adjust and change to meet this completely new experience?  How will I adapt to a new type of structure?  What does the Universe have in mind for me?   

For now, I am focusing on the for now.  Allowing it all to unfold in whatever way it seems to see fit.  Surrendering to the unknown and the new. Trusting that, whatever comes my way is exactly what it should be.

 Que Sera Sera*

*Nobody...and I mean nobody...does it like Doris Day.

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