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Friday, July 27, 2012

If you see me, will you tell me that I'm looking for me?

Ahhh...the question of the ages. 

How does one find oneself?  And how will you know if you do?  How do you know that said self isn't just an imposter?  

I am looking for my center.  (Have you seen it?)  Sometimes, I have a view of it...strong and clear.  Other times, it's just a glimpse.  And even other times, it is invisible...or unreachable...or unreadable.  

I wish I could grab on in those moments of clarity and hold tight to that strength.  It feels solid, and sure, and empowering.  In those moments, I am confident...I know my way forward and am able to move toward it with assuredness.  

The moments come more often these days, but they are certainly not my norm yet.  

In the in-between times I struggle.  

I struggle to stay strong, to stay calm, to stay here and and stay present. 

And I remind myself of my own resolutions:
1) Take pride in my accomplishments
2) Remember that baby steps are enough
3) Let love in
4) Be happy


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