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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finding Zen

I spent the evening on my deck with my sweet friend, A.  

As the cool breezes blew through, we talked about life...what it's been, and what it is.  

Those moments were perfect.  Even as we discussed the importance of realizing that the moments change--that life is filled with joy and dukkha*--I was able to fully and completely immerse myself in the perfection of that moment.  

And now I sit amongst the Partner and her band boys.  Music is surrounding is being created in front of my eyes (and ears)...and, again, the moment is perfection.  

As I go through each day, facing the many moments that present themselves, I resolve to remember that they are all of equal value.  They each offer me lessons and growth.  Joy or dukkha--they are all part of my life...part of who I am...and I resolve to do my best to welcome them all with open arms and an open heart. 

*(God, I love the word dukkha!  It sounds just like what it is: shit; suffering)

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