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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Only Wednesday? Really?

It's been a rough week...and it's only half over. (Oh dear lord.)

The partner and I are both fighting the "creeping crud" (Thanks, mom...that describes the feeling perfectly), and I have evidently decided that this is the week that any and all angst I have about leaving my job will come to full crescendo.  

Yep, that's me...highly emotional. (Anyone surprised?  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?).  Frustrated by own inability to identify--much less deal with--my own damn feelings.  And all of this just leads to more emotional overload.

Gosh, this is fun.  

It feels a little like a hot, wet, wool blanket lying on top of me.  I want to crawl out from underneath, but I don't have the energy to push through the weight.  Instead, I just want to sleep, and hope that the morning will bring relief.  

So far, no luck with that.  

Rationally, I know it will pass...but it feels like it's been here a bit too long.  It's definitely worn out its welcome.  

For now, I will do my best to clear my mind, rest my body, and take care of my heart.  It's the best I can do with the resources I've got. 

Oh yeah...and to remember to repeat the mantra:
"Depression is a lying bastard."

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