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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Taste of Summer

Today I felt a drop of summer on my tongue...and now it is all I am craving.

The sun was shining, we worked together in the yard, and at the end of the day we stepped back and admired our accomplishments.

My yards beckon me.

"Bring a refreshing glass of iced tea," they call out. I find myself making mental lists of how to add to their beauty, and daydreaming of warm starry nights and backyard fire pits.

Sadly, though, it seems the sun is leaving us again. The weekly forecast calls for rain and clouds. Maybe it's the Universe's way of keeping me from tossing everything to the wind and starting my summer this instant.

But I tasted it...and I know the sweetness it holds. Only a few short months and it will return for good...or at least for awhile.

For now, spring will have to do.

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