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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Passing on a Legacy

Today was a rough day for the daughter.  A little too much peer pressure led to some bad decision making (and then the "getting caught" part of the scenario), she's had a major change at school, and homework looked overwhelming.  All of this came together in the perfect storm, leading to tears of frustration and a sense of "I can't do it all!"  

Sadly, up until recently, this was the same type of thinking and behavior I had modeled for her.  

Happily, it is changing. 

Tonight, instead of getting upset or frustrated myself, I was able to simply be with her in support.  When she began to spiral up, feeling overwhelmed and over-emotional, I was able to hold her, calm  her, and help her take things just one step at a time.  Now she is confidently moving through her work, asking questions when necessary, then returning back to her independence.   

This the type of mindset and behavior I am modeling more and more these days.  

This is a legacy I can be proud of.  

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