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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feeling closer to myself

This has been a very tiring week.  

Busy as all hell--with a dog who wasn't feeling well and so needed to wake me up 10 (yes...truly...10!) times last night--I am fighting to stay awake until at least 8:00. (Anything earlier seems somehow ridiculous.)  The back is hurting, and work feels much to think about, keep up with, and plan for in the next five short/long weeks. And so very much change and uncertainty for the near future. 

And, yet, weirdly...

I seem to be slowly finding myself closer to myself. 

It's happening in little steps. 

A bit of acceptance of change here...some ironic humor there...and a little bit of glorious sunshine and a hint of summer thrown in for good measure. 

Maybe it's just the exhaustion talking, but I am feeling ever so slightly more settled...more solid and grounded.* 

*(At least right now...wait 5 minutes, it could change.)

It feels good, in this moment, to have a feeling of sanity and clarity.  

Hopefully, when the more challenging moments come (and come, they will...that's just life), I can remember how this felt, and it will reassure me that I can find my way back to here once again. 

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