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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It's hard being a teenager, sometimes.

And sometimes it's really hard being the parent of a teenager.  

All I can do is hold her as she cries in frustration about how other people her age don't see the world in the way she does.  How they don't respect differences; how they judge others; how they laugh at things they don't know about. It breaks my heart to see her so sad and frustrated.  

I know that this what they do--those teenagers--and I know she has to go through it.  She has to find her own way, create her own identity out of the patchwork she has been given.  And all we can do is tell her how much we love her, how proud we are of her, and hold her tightly as she cries.  

She is strong, this daughter of mine, and she will do great things with herself.  

But just for now, I wish I could hold her in my arms like I used to, and protect her from all those things that cause her pain.   

Sometimes it's hard to be a parent.  

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