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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Learning from our past

It's all fine and good saying that we should "learn from our mistakes," but how many of us actually stop and ponder how we've truly learned or what we've gained from a difficult situation?  (I may be the only one slow on the uptake where this is concerned, but based on what I've seen, I don't think so.) 

Today I took a moment--on a quiet walk, in the fresh air and sunshine--and I found myself thinking about just this.  What have I learned from my mistakes...from my difficulties? And then I realized that, for the first time ever, I really have learned.  It's been a tough process--owning up to my own feelings, my own mistakes, my missteps--but the process has been one of growth and enlightenment.  I am much more aware of my life than I ever have been before.  I have resolved to live my values, to face my fears with honesty, to be in the here and now, to realize that baby steps are enough, and to take pride in my accomplishments.  And for each of these resolutions, I have also come to realize that each and every one of them--just like my life--is a process.  There is no "mission accomplished", there is only progress, and re-visiting, and tweaking, and accepting and appreciating myself, and those around me, for who and where we are at any given moment. 

Sometimes I still find myself slipping away into my own mind creating stories based on apparitions and air.  But most times I am able to remember to open my eyes and pay attention, and look at what is true, and real, and right in front of me.  And this brings me back to my new new life...the one that I am creating action by action and moment by moment.  And it is exactly where I want to be.  


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