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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Access your happiness.

We don't laugh enough. 

As adults, we begin to eschew the silly...somehow equating goofiness with immaturity. But the truth is that humor adds a new perspective to whatever we do.  To be able to laugh at life--at ourselves--makes even the most challenging situations a bit more bearable.  Kind humor can support and relieve.  Giant belly laughs can release stress, allowing our tears to dry and our heads to clear.  Laughing with your loved ones can bring you together, creating an intimacy that can only be created by sharing a private joke. 

I recently read a quote that summed it up perfectly for me: 
 "Humor reminds us that, while everything is important, nothing is so serious."

  •  Look at silly pictures on the Internet.
  • Watch an outrageous comedy.
  • Hang out with your friends and tell the funniest stories you can think of about your exploits together.
  • Have a tickle fight with someone you love. 
  • Read a book by your favorite comedian or funny author
Whatever will make your heart lighter, whatever will tickle your funny bone...make it a part of your daily ritual.  Your body--and your soul--will thank you.


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