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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today is my birthday.  I turned 47 years old. 

No big party, no big fanfare, just a quiet day of futzing and reading and being with my girls.  And that's just what I wanted.  My extended family and friends sent voice mails and text messages, all telling me they loved me and wishing me a happy day. It made me feel repeatedly loved.  

Today was also a day that I was fighting hormone overload.  

Doesn't seem fair on one's birthday, now does it?  

But, with patience (from the partner far more than from myself) and the appropriate pharmaceuticals, I found a precarious balance.  Although I am not yet fully here within myself, I know that I will be soon, and I can see glimpses of myself through the somewhat hazy lens.  I will ride yet another wave, and I have confidence that I will eventually land safely on the beach.  

And then I will take my first steps into my 48th year.  

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