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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank you, Jenny

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are easy."
-Dr. Seuss

Jenny struggles--sometimes a lot. She fights her demons daily, often with a dark biting humor that can make me laugh and cry all in one sentence. You see, one of her weapons against the dark forces is her blog. Through the writing and sharing of her fears, her struggles and her victories, she connects with so many others that are fighting similar battles every day. Her openness and willingness to be vulnerable has literally changed the lives of many.

A short time ago Jenny tackled one of her demons, and won. She found a simple thing--the wearing of a red dress--that gave her a sense of accomplishment and hope and, as she often does, she shared the experience. It turns out that many, many people fully understood the true meaning of the red dress: the thing you desire and fear all at once. The thing you think you are not worthy of. The thing that you could never have...that would never be you. And yet...

Now the glory of the red dress is spreading at lightening speed. People from all walks of life are tackling their own fears and then celebrating in sparkling, dazzling, empowering red dresses. And they are sharing the love. Donating dresses, sending them to perfect strangers and, in the process, creating a powerfully loving and supportive community that literally spans the globe.

But it all started with one person. Willing to face their demons. Willing to share their true being with others, thereby becoming the voice for so many.

The answer was simple. Love. Thank you, Jenny.

Visit Jenny's

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Or just search Twitter. for the many wonderful stories of the red dresses: #travelingreddress

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