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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes, sad is just sad

Over the weekend, I had a number of times when--out of seemingly nowhere--I would suddenly feel a giant sadness wash over me.  I would be going along, doing my thing, when I'd stop, and the tears would quickly threaten to spill over.  I would breathe, find my way to the present moment, and move on, only to find the pattern repeating itself a few hours later. 

Being the therapy junkie that I am, I searched inside myself to find the reason for the emotions that kept trying to overwhelm me.  Was it something from my past rearing its head?  No.  Was I worrying or obsessing over something that I thought might happen in the future?  Nope.  What about right now?  Was there something in the actual moment that was causing me pain?  Still nothing. 

Then it hit me...

Sometimes sad is just sad.  

It may be that you're tired, or that the book you've read has affected you, or that you're physically not feeling well.  Or, it might just be that you're sad.  And that's ok.  It's ok to be sad for "no good reason."  And when the sadness overtakes you, it's also ok to feel it, share it, and move on.  Because once you've accepted it as just one of the many emotions you have, you're able to give it some much-needed "ah baby"s, a good snuggle, and then let it go...often feeling much relieved and all the better for the process.  

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