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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Every morning is Christmas morning!

I own a pug. 

For many people, this is all the description that is needed.  However, if you are, sadly, not a pug owner, please let me elaborate. 

Each and every morning, my pug wakes me with the joy and exuberance of a 3 year old child on Christmas morning.  She wags...she wiggles...she howls with absolute complete and utter joy.  "Thank you!" she cries, "for a new day!  Can we go for a walk?!  Can I have a treat?!  Can I chase the cat?!"  She is a living breathing example of Buddha's reminder:

"Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most."

Although her energy is, on some dark and early mornings, quite overwhelming, it is also a reminder.  She sees only the here and the now.  She experiences only new beginnings each day.  She desires to give and receive only unconditional love (along with some serious belly scratching and a few delicious treats).  She stops and sleeps when she is tired, and gives everything she has when she is not.  

So, is the moral to live life with a pug perspective?  I'm not really sure, and I am fairly positive that I could not actually bring that amount of exuberance to every day.  However, it is a daily reminder to me that each day is truly a gift, and that so much of how we receive that gift is in our perspective.

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