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Monday, December 19, 2011

Occupy the Weekend!

Occupy the weekend:
“What do we want?!”
“More weekend!”
“When do we want it?!”
“Every Monday, and maybe even Tuesday!”

We, the 28 ½%, are fed up!  How fair is it that, out of seven days each week, only two are represented by the weekend?  It is during these two days that the most important parts of living are done, and there is simply not enough time to do them.  Besides the obvious chores—grocery shopping, laundry, etc.—there is the need for sleep, time to be with our loved ones, and the occasional washing of dogs.  So, we are here to make a statement—to make a difference.  We will be occupying the weekend until some changes are made.  Our demands are simple, yet imperative:

1)      We demand that Monday and Tuesday become official “weekend days”.   (In the spirit of cooperation, we are willing to negotiate for Tuesday to be added every other week.)
2)      No weekday work may be expected during weekend days.  No work emails, text messages, reports, etc. will be allowed during this period.
3)      At least one of these days must include the opportunity to sleep in past 7:00 a.m.  All pets should be apprised of this rule, and serious consequences must be enacted if they do not comply. 

Until these demands are met, we will remain in occupation of the weekend.  Please send all replies directly to our beds, where we will be resting for at least the next day or two. 

*Official Occupy the Weekend song, sung to the tune of "Everybody's Working for the Weekend"
We all want to occupy the weekend
We all want a few more days
We refuse to leave our households
We will stay here, come what may

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